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OKC Fence Staining Cost Guide: With Calculator

Welcome to Hometown Painting’s Fence Stain Pricing Guide, tailored for our OKC neighbors. Our aim with this page is to give you a transparent understanding of the costs associated with staining your fence.

Dive into this guide to get an instant estimate with our pricing calculator, view examples of fence staining projects with associated costs, and discover the key factors that influence fence stain pricing.

oxford brown fence in okc scaled

Fence Stain Price Calculator

Fence Staining Cost Estimator

Estimated Cost:

How to Use the Fence Staining Cost Estimator

Enter Your Fence Dimensions:

  • Linear Feet of Fence: Measure the total length of your fence and enter the value in the 'Linear Feet of Fence' input field.
  • Height of Fence: Measure the height of your fence from the ground to the top and input this in the 'Height of Fence' field.

Additional Details:

  • Both Sides Being Stained?: If you'd like to stain both the inside and outside of your fence (which is highly recommended for uniform appearance and protection), check this box.
  • Landscaping Obstacles: If there are landscaping or any other obstacles close to your fence (like plants), check this box. Be aware that there might be extra charges due to the additional work required to mask and protect those items.
  • Bleach Wash Requirement: Look at your fence; if it has gray mildew it will likely need a bleach wash before staining. If so, check this box.

Calculate Your Estimate: Once you've entered all the necessary details, click the 'Calculate Cost' button. The tool will provide an estimated cost range based on the information you've provided. Note that this is just an estimate, and the actual cost might vary based on further onsite inspection.

Note: The minimum project cost is $750, regardless of the fence size or conditions.

Sample Fences from OKC

Small Fence

A small fence to illustrate what a small fence might cost

This fence surrounds a smaller backyard in NW Oklahoma City.

Cost: 1320

Fence Size: 125′

Sides to be stained: Both sides were stained on all but one run of the fence.

Prep: New Fence/Minimal

Stain type: Oil-based

Landscaping: Minimal

Medium Fence

Fence Stained with coffee brown scaled

This fence surrounds a regular-sized backyard in Oklahoma City.

Cost: 2525

Fence Size: 185′

Sides to be stained: Both sides were stained on all but one run of the fence.

Prep: New Fence/Minimal

Stain type: Oil-based

Landscaping: One large shed to work around

Large Fence

dark leatherwood by a pool

This fence surrounds a larger backyard in Yukon.

Cost: 4120

Fence Size: 260′

Sides to be stained: Both sides were stained on all but one run of the fence.

Prep: Small amount of bleaching was necessary

Stain type: Oil-based

Landscaping: One large pool had to be covered

Fence Stain Pricing: Factors That Affect Your Estimate

Size of the Fence:
The dimensions of your fence play a significant role in the overall cost of your staining project. A larger fence will naturally require more stain to cover its surface. Additionally, the labor time will increase as the fence size increases. It's essential to have accurate measurements for a closer cost estimate.

Type of Stain:
There's a variety of stains available in the market, each coming with its own price point. Premium stains might offer longer-lasting protection and richer colors but come at a higher cost compared to standard stains. It's important to choose a stain that not only suits your budget but also meets your fence's needs in terms of protection and aesthetics.

Current Condition of Fence:
The present state of your fence can affect the preparatory work needed before staining. If your fence is older and has damages, it might need repairs or thorough cleaning. Factors such as mildew presence, as indicated by a grayish hue, can necessitate a bleach wash. All these preparatory steps can influence the overall cost.

Presence of Obstacles and Landscaping: Working around obstacles, especially landscaping elements like plants, trees, or decorative features, can add to the labor time and cost. Such elements might require protective measures, such as masking or moving, to avoid damages during the staining process. If there's extensive landscaping close to the fence, there may be additional charges to ensure everything remains intact and unspoiled.enses.

A large fence with a concrete retaining wall under the entire length that has just been stained with Wood Defender
This stain has a concrete retaining wall that requires extra masking. This increased the labor cost for this job.

In conclusion, various factors can affect the final cost of staining your fence. It's always a good idea to get a detailed estimate, taking all these factors into account, to avoid any surprises later. At Hometown Painting, we're committed to providing transparency and ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

Is It Worth It to Stain a Fence?

Staining your fence is an investment, and like all investments, it's natural to question its value. So, is it worth it to stain a fence? Let's break it down:

1. Enhanced Longevity: One of the primary reasons homeowners choose to stain their fences is to extend the life of the wood. Staining provides a protective layer against the harsh elements, from UV rays to rain and snow. Over time, this can prevent warping, rotting, and general wear, meaning you'll need to repair or replace boards less frequently.

2. Improved Aesthetics: Beyond the protective aspects, staining refreshes the look of your fence, enhancing curb appeal. Whether you’re looking to maintain the natural wood grain or add a touch of color, there’s a stain to achieve the desired effect. A well-maintained fence can also boost property value, especially if you're considering selling in the future.

3. Cost-Efficiency: While there's an upfront cost, staining can be more cost-efficient in the long run. The cost of repairs and replacements due to premature aging can add up quickly. By staining your fence, you're proactively reducing potential expenses down the line.


  • Can I save money by staining the fence myself?

    This fence was not stained by a pro and looks splotchy

    Staining a fence is something that an experienced DIYer should be able to accomplish. There are a ton of resources available online to learn how to stain a fence. That being said, there are some pitfalls to watch out for so it is best to become well educated before you begin.
    The fence shown here was stained by a homeowner who didn't take the time to learn how to properly apply the stain. The uneven appearance can be avoided by using proper techniques.

  • Why do prices vary between different fence staining companies?

    Prices can differ due to varied overhead costs, labor rates, and the type of materials used by different companies. The experience, reputation, and quality of work offered by each company also play roles in pricing.
    My recommendation is to go with the company you feel the most comfortable with that is within your budget.

  • Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

    We try to be as transparent as possible when we give you a quote. The quote will give detailed information about what product will be used, where it will be applied and what kind of prep work will be performed.
    The only reason the final price for your stain job would change is if you ask us to change any of the things mentioned above. (For example, if you added in more fence after the job was quoted.)