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Thank you for Scheduling Your Quote

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“Thank you for contacting us! You should receive a confirmation text and email with your appointment information. In the meantime, feel free to browse our site for more helpful information”

Your Painting Quote: What To Expect

Listen to Your Needs

  • We begin each estimate by listening to your goals for the project and what you want your house to look like.
  • We will also discuss product options to make sure we fit your budget and needs.

Initial Walk Around

  • Next, we would like to walk around the area of the house to be painted with you. That way you can show us any areas of concern you have. Also, if we notice something that should be addressed, we can let you know.

Detailed Measurements

  • At this point you can get comfortable inside if we are measuring the outside of your home. If additional questions arise, we will let you know.
  • We will take detailed measurements of the area to be painted in order to provide an accurate quote.
  • This process usually takes between 10 to 20 minutes.

On the Spot Quote

  • Once we are finished calculating the quote, we will knock on the door to let you know your quote is ready.
  • You will also receive an email and text with a link to your quote.
  • We will be able to answer any questions about the quote or the project at this time.
  • It is easy to accept the quote then, or at a later time if you would like to think about it.

Want To Learn More About Painting?

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