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Top benefits of Exterior Painting in Oklahoma City:

When it comes to exterior painting, Oklahoma City homeowners turn to us for quality and reliability.

  • Save Money: Exterior house painting protects your home from the often-severe Oklahoma weather. Protecting your investment with quality exterior paint saves you from costly repairs.
  • Express Your Style: Exterior paint can highlight the unique architecture of your home. It is also a reflection of your personal style. When you choose the paint colors, you create a look that reflects who you are.
  • Increase Home Value: a quality exterior paint job not only will protect your home, but will make it stand out in the Oklahoma City market. The improvement in appearance will make your home more desirable, and increase it’s value.

Oklahoma City’s Trusted Exterior Painters

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We want our Oklahoma City neighbors to rest easy when you choose us to paint your home. We want to reassure you we will take the time to do your job right. We do not take final payment for a project until we have inspected all of the work with you and you are completely satisfied.

Also for your peace of mind:

  • We offer warranties on all our work.
  • We are fully insured for your protection.
  • We use skilled, carefully screened painters.
  • We are your local neighbors and care about our community as much as you do.

Ready to Paint? Just have questions?

Contact us today to speak to experienced, local,  professional painters in the OKC metro.

Easy Exterior Painting Solution

Hometown Painting LLC can help you with any residential exterior painting project. Whether you have a brick house or it’s mostly siding we can help. We can paint your shutters, trim or doors. Sheds and outdoor structures are no problem for our painters as well. We can even repair minor wood rot before painting.

We want to make your exterior painting experience as easy as possible.

  • We will respond quickly to your request for a free estimate and schedule a time that is convenient for you.
  • We will provide you with a detailed estimate while we are at your home so you don’t have to wait.
  • Then we will keep you updated throughout all phases of the job with calls and texts so you are always informed.
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Here’s what some of our OKC customers say

For a fresh, new look, discover why we’re the choice for exterior painting Oklahoma City residents recommend.


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Homeowner in Yukon, OK

We had a fantastic experience with Hometown Painting! After I called to schedule an estimate, Matt (the owner) came out quickly and was able to give me an estimate on the spot. Prices were fair and pretty affordable, and he explained in detail what all was included. The finished product is gorgeous! I would highly recommend them for your painting projects.


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Homeowner in Oklahoma City, OK

The guys at Hometown Painting did an amazing job from start to finish on our exterior painting of our trim, doors, and columns. The guys were so thorough in their prep work, painting, and touch ups. Matt was in constant contact throughout the project and made sure the project was done to both our satisfaction. I would highly recommend them! We are so happy with the end results! Our house looks like a new home! Thank you guys!!


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Homeowner in OKC, OK

This team was outstanding. Was flexible, when we added additional rooms to paint at the last minute. Paid attention to detail. Stayed late as needed to stay on track with completion date. Courteous, friendly and helpful. Fantastic

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Exterior House Painting: Brick

Exterior Brick painting is incredibly popular right now. Perhaps you have considered what your home would look like with painted brick?

Successful masonry painting requires:

  • The right products
  • The right techniques

This is one of our specialties and we would love to help you decide if this exterior painting service is right for you. Click below to learn more.

Gallery: Exterior Painting Oklahoma City

Dive into our portfolio to see the exterior painting Oklahoma City homeowners are thrilled with.

Exterior House Painting FAQ

How much does it cost to paint a house exterior in OKC?

Range: 4000- 8000
There are many factors that affect the price to paint a house in Oklahoma City.

– The size of the home.
– The amount of surfaces to be painted.
– The condition of the house and the amount of preparation needed.

The best way to find out the exact price to paint the exterior of your home is to request a free estimate. For more information about exterior painting prices check our our pricing page.

How long does exterior paint last in OKC?

Typical range: 5 – 10 years

How long a paint job lasts depends on the quality of the paint used and the condition of the surfaces being painted. We can make paint recommendations based on how long you would like your paint job to last.

You will find more helpful information here.

How do I know when it’s time to paint my home’s exterior?

There are several signs that tell you it’s time to paint your house’s exterior.

– Flaking or loose paint.
– Cracking caulk.
– Color fading.

You can learn more about exterior paint problems.
Hometown Painting LLC can help you with a free house exterior inspection.

How long does it take to paint the exterior of a house?

Exterior house painting can take anywhere from one day to a whole week depending on the size of the job and what all is included.

Hometown Painting can typically complete your exterior painting project in 2 to 4 days.

It is important to us to take the time to complete all the necessary prep to make sure your paint job will last. We do not rush our crews to finish, but we do try to work efficiently so you are able to enjoy your house sooner.

What is included in exterior house painting?

When considering exterior house painting, Oklahoma City residents often ask about the specifics of our services. Our exterior painting Oklahoma City package typically includes a thorough inspection of the home’s exterior, surface preparation (such as cleaning, sanding, and priming), application of high-quality paint, and a final review to ensure the job meets our stringent quality standards. We focus on every detail, from the broad strokes down to the intricate trims and edges, to ensure your home looks impeccable and the paint lasts for years to come.

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