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“Matt and his team reached out immediately and were eager to help with our project. Matt was very professional and the interior painting was done in 2 days, very clean, and exactly what we imagined! Would definitely use again. Great and hassle free experience.”

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Express your style

Choosing the colors and finishes customizes your home to your style. With the colors and finishes you prefer your house will feel like home.

A fresh, custom-painted backdrop is ideal for setting off your furniture & decor.

Make your home fresh

Interior painting covers the wear and tear your house accumulates over time, and renews that fresh, clean look.

  • Make your walls look new again.
  • Cover dings and nicks in woodwork.
  • Gives everything a fresh, clean feel.

Set a Mood

Interior paint colors can set whatever mood you are looking for a room.

  • Choose soft, cool, tranquil colors to create a relaxing room.
  • To invigorate a space, choose more playful or exciting colors.

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We listen to your desires and help you create a plan to update your home’s interior.

You will receive a detailed quote the same day we come out.

Also, we will keep you updated throughout the painting process with calls and texts.

Protect Your Home

Once the project begins, we make sure to cover or move anything in the areas being painted.

We will maintain an orderly job site and clean up when we are done. We want your freshly painted home to be the only trace we were there.


Frequently Asked Interior Paint Questions

How much does it cost to paint a home’s interior in OKC?

The cost for interior painting in OKC averages $4-$8 per square foot. There are a lot of factors that affect the price to paint a house. We customize each quote to your home.

See our interior pricing page for more information.

What if I need help picking the color?

We would be happy to help you pick a paint color. We can recommend colors that have worked well for clients in the past. We would be happy to put paint samples on for you so you will know exactly what it will look like.
Also, Sherwin Williams offers free virtual color consultations.

How should I prepare for interior painting?

We try to make the interior painting process as simple for you as possible. We ask that you remove any small or breakable items from the area to be painted. Usually, we can move any furniture to the center of the room and cover it. We also take care of things like removing and reinstalling switchplates.

Do you offer a warranty on interior painting?

Yes! We offer one year warranties on all our interior painting work. If you have an issue after we leave please let us know so we can help you in the best way possible.

Some of our Interior Painting Projects:

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