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Hometown Painting Warranty

In order to help our customers to the best of our ability, Hometown Painting offers a warranty on their painting work. While we do our best to provide great work every time, it is possible that we missed something. We encourage our customers to call us any time they have a question or concern about the work we have done.

Our Warranty

Our warranty begins on the date that the contract is signed. The duration of your warranty will be written on the contract.

Our warranty covers paint that cracks, chips or peels during the warranty period. Also covered is fence stain that peels or mildew growth on a fence during the warranty period.

In order to qualify for our warranty you must:

  • Pay in full for the amount of the contract when the work is completed.
  • Retain the original contract.
  • Contact Hometown Painting within the warranty period to inform us of the issue.
  • Make the property accessible to us to perform the repairs.

Hometown Painting will:

  • Repair any areas with peeling or flaking at no cost to you.
  • Use the same techniques and products specified in the original contract or the closest equivalent if they are no longer available.

Our warranty does not cover:

  • An exact color match cannot be guaranteed between the repaired area and the non-repaired areas. We will do our best to match the color.
  • Any work where Hometown Painting did not supply the paint materials.
  • Any horizontal surface where water can pool.
  • Any moisture damage from improper drainage, gutters or sprinklers.
  • Any paint applied to wood that is rotten or unsuitable for painting. Hometown Painting will let you know about any rotten wood we find during the estimate or painting process. If you choose not to have this wood replaced we will not be able to warranty any paint on that surface.