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Everything You Want to Know About Painting in OKC

Have you ever had a question about which paint to use or how the process works? In our blog, we attempt to answer your questions about painting and staining. We will give you information that is specific to the Oklahoma City area so you know it is relevant.

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How Often Should You Paint1

Painting Metal Siding on an Oklahoma City Shop

Hi there! We at Hometown Painting LLC recently finished a project that we’re really excited to share. It’s about painting metal siding on a metal shop building in the Oklahoma City Metro. Whether you have metal siding on your commercial building, shop, shed, or storage unit, there are options to update the look of our … Read more
How Often Should You Paint

How Often Should You Repaint Your House in Oklahoma City?

Repainting your house is more than just a cosmetic update; it’s a key part of maintaining the health and integrity of your home’s exterior. Regular repainting protects your home from the elements, keeps it looking its best, and allows you to keep up with changing aesthetic trends. But how often should you be repainting your … Read more
When Should I Paint

When to Paint in Oklahoma City? A Season by Season Guide

If you’re a homeowner in Oklahoma City, you’re well aware that home maintenance tasks are often affected by our weather. When it comes to painting your house, whether it’s a fresh coat to your home’s exterior or staining your brand-new deck, timing really does matter. Why? The weather and temperature at the time of painting … Read more
Yukon Church Paint

Commercial Painting in Yukon, OK: Victory Baptist Church

The exterior of a commercial building is the first impression people will have of the business or organization. Unfortunately, the exterior of the Victory Baptist Church in Yukon, OK, was starting to show signs of wear and tear. The paint was flaking off and fading, and the wood was being damaged. It can be hard … Read more
trim and doors in an interior living room painted with enamel

The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Water Stains on Walls and Trim

Water stains can be a nightmare for homeowners. These pesky stains can be unsightly and make a room feel unclean, even if it is spotless. Not to mention, if left untreated, water stains can lead to mold growth and further damage to the structure of your home. As an Oklahoma homeowner, it’s important to understand … Read more
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Cedar Siding Staining: The Express Clydesdale Barns in Yukon, OK

The Express Clydesdale Barn is a historic landmark in Yukon, Oklahoma. The Express Ranch has taken great care to preserve and maintain this historic building. Recently, the barn’s siding had become worn and weathered. The stained finish on the barn’s exterior had worn completely off in many places. This left the building in danger of … Read more
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How Long Does Outdoor Stain Last in OKC?

If you are planning to stain your fence, deck, or siding, you may wonder how long outdoor stain should last. Oklahoma City’s weather can be unforgiving on exterior wood structures. Even so, if you purchase a quality stain product and it is applied properly outdoor stain should last years before it needs to be reapplied. … Read more
fence stained with red stain in okc

What Is the Best Outdoor Stain for OKC?

If you want to protect your wood fence, deck or siding, you know stain and sealer are great ways to make them last longer. You may be wondering, however, “What is the best outdoor stain to use at my OKC home?” We have tried many fence and deck stains in the Oklahoma City metro and … Read more
a house before the brick is painted

Is It Time To Paint My OKC House?

Repainting your house is an attractive way to give it a refresh, but how often should you do this? What are the averages for house repaints in the Oklahoma City area and what are the signs that it’s time to paint? Generally, you should repaint the exterior of your house every eight to ten years. … Read more
before after photo of fence restoration

Can a Gray Fence or Deck be Stained?

If you have an older fence or deck that has turned gray you may think it is too late to have beautifully stained wood in your backyard. The truth is that fences and decks can be restored to their original condition and transformed with quality outdoor stain. There are several methods for removing the gray … Read more