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Cedar Siding Staining: The Express Clydesdale Barns in Yukon, OK

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Matt Stone

The Express Clydesdale Barn is a historic landmark in Yukon, Oklahoma. The Express Ranch has taken great care to preserve and maintain this historic building. Recently, the barn’s siding had become worn and weathered. The stained finish on the barn’s exterior had worn completely off in many places. This left the building in danger of having its siding warp and rotting off.

The Express Ranch entrusted Hometown Painting with the task of restoring the barns. We made a plan to clean and stain the cedar siding so it could last for many more years to come. With many years of experience staining wood structures in the Yukon OK area along with the OKC metro, we were excited to have the opportunity to work on such a historic building.

History of the Express Clydesdale Barns

The barns are a historic feature in Yukon, OK. They were restored for the express purpose of housing the Clydesdale horses.

picture of the historic barn in yukon ok

Hometown Painting is excited that we had the opportunity to continue the tradition of preserving this iconic Oklahoma landmark.

Preparing the Cedar Siding for Stain

the clydesdale barn with the siding looking old and faded

When we inspected the cedar siding, we found that it was dry and brittle. The previous stain job had worn almost completely off in some places. Moisture had already started to rot some siding boards. Without a new coat of siding stain, the barn would only continue to deteriorate.

We started by thoroughly washing the wood to prepare it. We applied a cleaner beforehand to help remove any dirt or mildew growing on the cedar. After everything was thoroughly rinsed we gave the barns several days to dry.

a man spraying bleach on the wood siding to prepare it for stain.

Choosing the Best Stain the Cedar Siding

We chose the use Wood Defender stain for the barn’s cedar siding. Wood Defender is a high-quality stain that can stand up to harsh weather conditions as we experience in Oklahoma.

The Express team chose to use the Coffee Brown color. This modern, dark brown shade will provide the barns with protection for years to come.

Applying Stain to Cedar Siding

This was a big job! We wanted every surface of the siding to be saturated with stain. We carefully went board by board for several weeks, staining the entire structure. We often worked late into the evening to try and get the job done.

a boom lift being used to reach high places during the staining of the yukon, ok barns

Because of the height of the barns, we used lifts to stain many areas. We also had harnesses on site for the work up on the roofs. Such a large job stretched our team but they came through and did a great job. I am so pleased with the work they did.

Final Results


old faded stain on the barn siding


fresh new stain on the barn siding

The final results are stunning! The barns look like they have new life breathed into them. I love that the community in Yukon, OK will be able to enjoy these barns for many more years to come.

the front of the express clydesdale barns with all the siding freshly stained.
An image of the front entrance to the express barns in yukon ok.
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Author: Matt Stone
Matt is the owner of Hometown Painting. He has worked in the painting and construction trades for over 10 years. He has a passion for teaching homeowners so they can make the best paint choices for their homes.

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