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Wood Defender Oil-Based Fence stain colors available in the OKC Metro

Picking the right fence stain color can make your backyard feel luxurious. We offer multiple fence stain colors from Wood Defender to match your personal style and your home’s architecture. Feel free to browse our in-stock colors below.

Because fence stain is designed to highlight the beauty of wood’s natural grain, variations in color are common with fence stains. We have included multiple pictures of each fence stain color so you can see the range of colors achieved on different types of wood.

See our most popular fence stain colors below:

Transparent Fence Stain Colors

Transparent fence stains are lightly pigmented. They show off the most of the underlying wood. We usually recommend transparent stains be used on new fences.

  • Great for new wood
  • Highlights the wood grain
  • Creates a more natural look

Cedar Tone

image 1

*Our Most Popular Stain Color in the OKC Metro*

  • Warm red undertone
  • Rustic Charm
DSC05338 2


Leatherwood fence stain transparent color

*Our Most Popular Stain Color in the Edmond OK*

  • Neutral to warm brown tone
  • Sophisticated look
IMG 0316 scaled

Oxford Brown

OXFORD brown transpatent fence stain color

*Makes a Striking Statement*

  • Neutral darker brown tone
  • Luxurious dark tones
20230929 090625


redwood fence stain color close up
  • Bright red tone
  • Great for a rustic look
redwood stain on a cedar fence

Semi-Transparent Fence Stain Colors

Semi-transparent stains use stronger pigments than transparent. They cover more of the wood underneath and give a stronger color. This is especially useful if the fence is older or there are imperfections you want to cover.

  • Great for older fences or restains
  • Stronger pigments give a bolder color
  • Shows a little of the wood’s grain


sierra fence stain from wood defender close up

*Our most popular semi-transparent color*

  • Rich warm undertone
  • Similar to cedar tone
sierra wood defender on cedar

Sable Brown

Sable brown fance stain color

*Neutral tone compliments your decor*

  • Rich brown color
wood defender sable brown stain on a fence

Coffee Brown

Coffee Brown wood defender fence stain

*Dark brown tone*

  • Rich dark brown color
  • Pairs well with a modern look
Fence Stained with coffee brown scaled

Want to see what your favorite color will look like on your fence?

split rail fence with sable brown stain

If you need help selecting a color you can visit our fence stain color selection guide.

Or you can schedule a free quote and we would be happy to assist you with choosing a color.

To see a more complete selection of fence stain colors please visit the Wood Defender website.