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brick home in oklahoma city that has been painted white

Painting Exterior Brick in OKC

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Matt Stone

Are you wondering if you should paint the exterior brick on your OKC home? We will give you the information you need before you decide to paint your brick.

  • We’ll review the pros and cons of painting exterior brick.
  • We will show you the best products and techniques for brick painting.
  • Then, we will take you along as we paint a home in the Oklahoma City metro so you can see the process from start to finish.

Is Painting Brick a Good Idea?

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Painting your home’s brick can be a great idea in certain situations. There are advantages and drawbacks to painting brick and understanding these will help you make your decision. The best thing to do is to educate yourself before deciding for your home.

The benefits of painting brick.

Brick painting can be a quick and simple way to dramatically update the look of your home. Consider these benefits of brick painting:

  • Quickly update the look of your home. Most exterior brick painting projects can be completed in under a week by a professional crew.
  • Get a lot of bang for your remodeling buck. Painting your brick results in a more dramatic and noticeable upgrade to your home versus spending the same amount of money on other upgrades.
  • Cover repairs and mismatched brick. Often if a section of brick has to be repaired or replaced it is impossible to perfectly match the original brick. Painting the brick will create a uniform look and hide repairs.

The drawbacks of painting brick.

Some online articles will try to persuade you against painting your brick. While it is true that there are disadvantages to painted brick, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Before you commit, you should consider the cons of painting brick:

  • It is permanent. It is nearly impossible to completely remove paint from brick. If you choose to paint the brick you will not be able to go back to an unpainted look.
  • Painted brick requires maintenance. One of the major benefits of brick is it requires virtually no maintenance. Once brick is painted, however, it will need to be repainted regularly.
  • The wrong materials can damage bricks. Brick was made to be a breathable material. It naturally allows moisture and air to leave the space between the brick and the home. Certain paints create an impenetrable barrier that keeps moisture inside and can damage the brick. It is important to read below to learn the best products to use.
  • It is not an easy DIY project. Painting the brick on the outside of the home is beyond the scope of what an average homeowner may want to tackle. Professional crews will have the tools and experience needed to provide an excellent paint job.

Choosing the right products and preparation methods is critical to avoid problems like flaking paint.

What Kind of Paint Should Be Used on Brick?

exterior brick painting

It is important to use the correct type of paint when painting exterior brick. Using the wrong type of paint will not only cause the paint job to have problems. It can also affect the integrity of the brick itself.

Brick paint should be breathable.

“(Paint) should be porous if applied on exterior masonry, thereby permitting the wall to breathe and
preventing the trapping of free moisture behind the paint film.”

Brick Industry Association Painting Brick Masonry

There are many ways moisture can get inside your home’s brick. Unpainted brick is naturally porous and will allow moisture to evaporate. If brick is painted with non-porous paint it will trap the moisture inside. Over time this can damage the brick.

Mineral Paints are a breathable paint option for brick.

Mineral paints are an excellent option because they remain porous and breathable and are made specifically for brick. Romabio Masonry Flat is an example of such a paint.

Romabio Masonry Flat

  • Is a breathable mineral paint.
  • Can be tinted to your color choice.
  • Creates a long-lasting finish.
  • Won’t peel or flake like traditional paint.
  • Does not require primer on unpainted brick. (Less labor saves you money)

What is the best way to paint brick?

To show the brick painting process, let’s walk through an actual paint job Hometown Painting completed here in OKC. These homeowners have enjoyed their homes for many years at this point but have never been fans of the color of their brick.

After years of just “thinking about it,” they finally decided to go ahead and get it painted like they have always wanted.

Before Painting

It is important to ensure that the brick is prepared before it is painted. The entire house had to be power washed to make sure the brick was clean. Then some small cracks in the brick were filled in.

One of the great benefits of painting brick is that it will cover up repairs. If the new brick doesn’t exactly match the old brick, the paint will cover up any differences.

Applying Romabio Masonry Flat Paint

We apply the paint with an airless sprayer. Then we use a brush to force the paint into the texture of the brick.

It is important when painting brick to spray from different directions to cover every surface of the brick.

The Results: Gorgeous Painted Brick

The homeowners were very pleased with how the brick turned out. The creamy white color they chose contrasts perfectly with the dark woodwork on the house. White brick is very trendy right now and will likely only increase in popularity.

Would you like a quote to paint your brick? Do you have questions?

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Are you interested in having your brick painted? You can request a free quote from Hometown Painting LLC. Or you can learn about our other exterior painting services.

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Author: Matt Stone
Matt is the owner of Hometown Painting. He has worked in the painting and construction trades for over 10 years. He has a passion for teaching homeowners so they can make the best paint choices for their homes.

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