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Interior Painting Costs Explained: Your Guide to Budgeting in OKC

Every homeowner dreams of a stunning interior, a backdrop worthy of every life event and quiet moment. While the idea of painting can seem daunting, especially with cost considerations in mind, we’re here to simplify it for you.

In this guide, we lay out the costs associated with interior painting in OKC, providing clarity and transparency. Let’s embark on this journey from estimate to elegance together.

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Basic Pricing Structure for Interiors

At Hometown Painting we believe the price to paint your home should be custom to your situation. That is why we take detailed measurements of everything being painted to provide you with a tailored price. That being said, a square foot price is often a good approximation to help you estimate your cost.

If we are painting walls only, prices start at around $4 per square foot.

If we are painting all the woodwork in the home expect closer to $7 per square foot.

Feel free to use the calculator provided below to see the likely range your project will fall in.

Cabinet Pricing Clarification: While the rates mentioned above cover most interior spaces, it’s important to note that cabinets have their own distinct pricing. Due to the unique requirements and variability of cabinet painting projects, we provide separate quotations for them.

Factors Influencing Interior Painting Costs

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Every home is unique, and so is every painting project. While our base pricing provides a starting point, various factors can influence the final cost of an interior paint job. Here’s a closer look at some of these determining elements:

Room Size & Surface Being Painted:

  • The larger the room, the more paint and labor it requires. High ceilings or extended wall areas can add to the cost. Although we charge based on the actual measurements of each room, general square footage can offer a ballpark idea.

The Condition of the Surfaces:

  • Walls needing extensive preparation, such as patching holes, sanding, or treating stains, will require additional labor and materials, affecting the overall price. Filling small nail holes is included in our standard prep and will not increase your price.
  • If the trim or doors being painted are heavily scuffed or scratched, it will take more time to sand and prepare them for paint. Also, it is less labor-intensive to paint over previously painted trim than stained trim.

Paint Quality & Type:

  • Premium paints or specific finishes might cost more but can offer better coverage, durability, and finish. The choice of paint plays a role in the final quote. If the paint cost is a concern, we suggest using better paints in high-traffic areas and more basic products in rooms with low wear and tear.

Complexity & Design Elements:

  • Painting intricate trim, and moldings, or incorporating special design requests can add to the project’s complexity, influencing the cost.

Protective Measures:

  • We want to make sure that your property is protected and your paint experience is worry-free. Our standard process includes covering floors, furniture, countertops, or other nearby surfaces to protect them from paint. If your home includes a lot of details or intricate trim that need to be covered this may increase the labor. On the other hand, if the home is empty at the time we paint it we can pass some of the labor savings on to you.


  • Difficult-to-reach areas or rooms that require specialized equipment for safe access can introduce additional costs. This is often the case with tall ceilings that require scaffolding to safely paint.