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Benefits of Pergola Staining in OKC


You will enjoy your outdoor space so much more with a gorgeous stained pergola for a backdrop.

We offer you a wide range of colors so you can customize the look of your pergola to fit your style.

Save Money

Wood pergola replacement is very expensive and lumber prices are only increasing. Staining your pergola will make it last longer in the harsh Oklahoma City weather.

Improve Property Value

Outdoor living is becoming more popular every year. OKC Metro home buyers/owners are looking for outdoor spaces that they will love.

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Here’s what some of our OKC customers say

For a fresh, new look, discover why we’re the choice for pergola staining Oklahoma City residents recommend.

Jordan V.

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Homeowner in Yukon, OK

I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate Matt and his team for sealing our new fence. Matt listens to what you want, advises when needed, and holds himself and his team to a high standard. I will definitely be using Hometown Painting again!


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Homeowner in Tuttle, OK

They did an awesome job! The staff worked hard the whole time they were here! They stained our wood fence and it looks like new!

Matt F.

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Homeowner in Edmond, OK

Great job staining our fence and pavilion. I would highly recommend. Always on time and great communication on when they would be here to get the job started and accomplished

Hometown Painting is OKC’s Pergola Staining Pro

Customer Service

Our Goal is to make your pergola staining process as easy and stress-free as possible. We will give you a free on-the-spot quote. We will also keep you informed throughout the process with calls and texts. You won’t need to worry about whether you will get a call back or have to wait for your estimate for days.


We work with you to create a game plan based on your pergola’s condition and the results you are looking for. Whether your pergola is brand new, has an old fading finish, or has never been stained, we have options to suit your needs.

We can recommend the best product from a range of options on the market. From oil-based transparent stains to water-based solid stains, we can recommend the best product for your situation.

We have received training directly from the Wood Defender team on the best ways to apply their product.

Our pergola stain process ensures:

  • Consistent results: We know how to achieve the best look.
  • Protecting your property: This is one of our top priorities on the job site.
  • Efficient work: Get back to enjoying your yard sooner.
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Ready to Stain? Just have questions?

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We Offer More Than Just Pergola Staining

Deck Staining

A new deck with fresh stain in Oklahoma city

Cedar Siding Staining

siding staining okc just finished staining the cedar siding on this house with a red oil based stain

Frequently Asked Questions: Pergola Staining OKC

How much does pergola staining cost?

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of staining a pergola. The condition of the wood and how much masking needs to be done will all be a factor. The best way to know for sure is to get a free estimate. For our area the price to stain a pergola usually falls between $1500 and $5000.

How long will the pergola stain last?

Wood Defender recommends staining a fence every 2 to 4 years.
This means you will be staining before you see major fading or graying.
Semi-transparent stains will often last a year or more longer than transparent stains.

How long does it take to stain a pergola?

We can stain most pergolas in one day.
If the fence needs to be washed before staining, we will need to wait 24-48 hours to let the wood dry.

What should I do to prepare for stain day?

We ask that you move any decor or landscaping items away from the pergola before we arrive. Also any sprinklers need to be turned off 24 hours before we arrive so water does not inadvertently get on the wood.

How long does it take the stain to dry?

The stain should be dry to the touch within 24-72 hours.
You may see some shiny spots for a day or two while the stain finishes soaking in.
It is safe to allow your pets back in the yard as soon as our crew leaves.

How will I know when it’s time to restain my pergola?

The most obvious sign will be a significant fade in the color. Also, if you notice any gray forming on the wood that is a sure sign it’s time to stain again.

Quality Pergola Staining Products

We most often use high quality Wood Defender penetrating oil-based stain. Wood Defender both stains and seals the wood in one step. We apply the stain according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Oil based stains offer protection from:

  • Premature rotting
  • Warping
  • Mildew Growth
  • Damaging UV rays
  • Fence turning gray
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We test many stain brands to find the best ones to use on your fence.

Our Pergola Stain Work in the OKC Metro

Our Pergola Staining Process

To ensure beautiful, lasting results every time.

Oklahoma City’s weather can be hard on a fence, pergola or deck. To ensure that our OKC homeowners get the best stain work possible we follow a proven process outlined below.

We have received specialized training from Wood Defender, one of the leading stain manufacturers in America. From this training, we developed our process for creating lasting stain work for all our Oklahoma City customers.

  1. Initial consultation
    We start by listening to you. What would you like your fence stain to look like? What questions do you have and how can we help you protect your outdoor space.
  2. Moisture Check
    Dry wood is critical to the success of any stain work. We use a moisture meter to measure the actual moisture content of your .
  3. Wind Check
    Strong winds are always a concern in the Oklahoma City area. We take precautions for where the wind may blow the stain as we apply it.
  4. Wood Prep
    We use a brush to remove any dirt or dry grass that may have stuck to the bottom of the pergola.
  5. Mix Stain
    One of the keys to creating an even, uniform stain is to thoroughly mix the stain before applying.
  6. Mask Surrounding Areas
    Protecting your personal property is very important to us. We make sure to cover any plants, patios, or furniture that is in the area we are staining.
  7. Stain Application
    We apply stain with an airless sprayer which allows us to get stain into all the nooks in the wood. We apply stain thick enough to saturate the wood so that it is thoroughly protected.
  8. Cut In
    To protect your house, all areas next to it or any structure are stained by hand.
  9. Touch Up
    We make sure to check the work after the stain is applied to make sure there are no areas that have been missed.
  10. Clean Up
    We make sure that your property is as clean when we leave as it was when we arrived.