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Should I hire a professional to stain my fence?

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Should I Hire a Fence Stain Professional?

While staining a fence is within the ability of many homeowners, there are many ways it can go wrong. The safest bet is to hire a pro to stain your fence, but of course this costs more. If you are “on the fence” about whether to hire someone or do the fence staining yourself, consider these reasons you may want to hire a pro.

A Professional Can Achieve High-Quality Results.

While fence staining is not the most dificult DIY task, there is definitely a learning curve for doing it correctly. Taking the time to learn the correct way to stain a fence makes the difference between a great stain job and one that looks “home-done.”

This fence was not stained by a pro and looks splotchy
This fence was professionally stained and looks great

Can you guess which of these two fences was stained by a pro? Uneven or splotchy finishes are a possible side effect of improper stain technique. A fence stain professional will have the know-how to get an even finish every time.

a fence stained by an amateur
a pro stained this fence

As a pro fence stainer, I come accross fences like the one above all the time and wonder if the homeowner wishes they had gotten an estimate from Hometown Painting first.

A Pro Can Recommend the Best Products.

There are many different stain products on the market today. There are water-based or oil-based stains. Also, stains vary in opacity from clear all the way to a solid color resembling paint. Some stains form a film as they dry and some do not. Some stains never actually dry.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to fence staining. Each product is useful in different situations. A pro can recommend the best product to use for your fence.

This is especially true in situations where the fence is older and hasn’t been maintained . When making a plan to stain an older fence there are important questions that should be answered.

  • What prep is needed to clean the fence?
  • Should the old stain be stripped off?
  • What new stain will stick to what is on my fence now?
  • How can we make sure the color will match?
  • What if I want to change the color?

A Fence Stain Pro will have the answers to these questions.

Fence Staining Can Be Messy

Using a sprayer is the fastest way to stain a fence. It is also the easiest way to stain the yard, your house, and landscaping if used improperly. There is definitely a learning curve for how to use a stain sprayer without getting overspray on nearby things.

Also, many stains are oil-based which requires solvents to clean up. They can feel very sticky or gummy on your hands and tools when using them.

Hiring a Pro Saves You Time

Probably the biggest reason to hire a fence stain pro is that it saves you time. Almost any fence stain job can be completed in one day by a professional. For simple jobs it could even be completed in a couple hours with professional equipment.

My guess is you would rather spend time enjoying your backyard than staining the fence.

If you would like to get a free estimate for a fence stain in the Oklahoma City Metro area you can request a free estimate.

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